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Thursday, May 29, 2008

Why the Red Wings will win the Sanley Cup

Everyone that is not a Penguins fan can tell you that the Red Wings will win the Finals but i can give you the reasons why.
The first reason they will win is not only they have experience but they have a higher skill level higher than the Pens.
The second reason is that even if the Red Wings cant win on the road the Pens cant either and the Wings have home ice advantage with the best crowd in the NHL.
The third reason is that the Pens cant handle being under the pressure of being the under dog.
And the last reason is that Chris Osgood is the best goalie in the NHL and if anything happens to him the Wings still have the second best in the NHL in Dominic Hasek and Fleury of the Pens cant stop the Wings offense.
Those are the four reasons the Wings will win the Stanley Cup.