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Thursday, April 24, 2008

Tigers vs Angels

Finally I am going to my first baseball game of the 2008 season and it is when they finally started getting good. I am excited to go not just because of the game but because we get to be around all of the other fans and at The Comerica Park.

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

The best home run hitter ever.

People say that because Barry Bonds has the most home runs ever that makes him the greatest at hitting homers ever. Well i have three things against that
#1. Barry Bonds does steroids and everybody knows it I mean thats why they put an astrix on the home run ball.
#2. Alex Rodriguez is the greatest home run hitter so far in the history of baseball. He has 522 home runs and he is only 32 and only 240 home runs short of Barry Bonds who has taken part in 22 seasons to Alex Rodriguez's 15 seasons.
#3. Even if Alex Rodriguez doesnt crush Bonds home run record Josh Gibson was believed to of had over 900 home runs in the Negro Leagues before he was able to play in the MLB.
Thats why Barry Bonds is not the greatest home run hitter ever.

How did the Pistons Lose?

Lots of sports fans sit and wounder, " How did the pistons lose to the Sixers?" Well the reason the Pistons lost to the sixers is because they under estimated the talent of the Sixers players and gave their starters a bit to much rest when they took a lead by fifteen and so the Sixers took advantage of the Pistons bench to pull a late upset. But trust me the Pistons will go on to win the series 4-1.

Sunday, April 20, 2008

Who is the Best NBA Player Ever?

Who is the best NBA player ever? Some say Michael Jordan others say LeBron James, but one player I will always look up to is Magic Johnson. Magic Johnson played for MSU in college and later went on to play for the Las Angelas Lakers. So no matter what somebody else thinks i think Magic Johnson is the best ever.

The 22 Inning Game

Earlier this week The San Diego Padres and the Colorado Rockies took part in the longest game this season constisting of 22 innings and a Padres 2-1 win.

Saturday, April 19, 2008

The NBA Playoffs

I am from Michigan born and raised so of course I want the Pistons to win the title but they have some tough opstacles to get passed including the projected Eastern Confrence Championship against the up rising Boston Celtics. The question is will the Pistons prevail?

My Trip To East Lansing Michigan

Today I made a trip to East Lansing in Michigan to watch a bit of the Green V.S. White game with Tom Izzo as the honorary head coach of the Green team. You can check out his interview on the Big Ten Network.
I also went to the second game of the MSU V.S. U OF M baseball double header hoping to see a good game played by the Spartans but I saw the exact opposite of that when U OF M wholloped MSU getting 5 homeruns in the game to douse the Spartans 7-1.

The Weekly Poll

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A Day at Michigan State University

Jack is currently in East Lansing at Michigan State University attending the Green and White game and a baseball double-header. His dutiful slave, servant and moderator is here creating his new blog page so he can report on the days events when he returns. Stay tuned for more...