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Tuesday, April 22, 2008

The best home run hitter ever.

People say that because Barry Bonds has the most home runs ever that makes him the greatest at hitting homers ever. Well i have three things against that
#1. Barry Bonds does steroids and everybody knows it I mean thats why they put an astrix on the home run ball.
#2. Alex Rodriguez is the greatest home run hitter so far in the history of baseball. He has 522 home runs and he is only 32 and only 240 home runs short of Barry Bonds who has taken part in 22 seasons to Alex Rodriguez's 15 seasons.
#3. Even if Alex Rodriguez doesnt crush Bonds home run record Josh Gibson was believed to of had over 900 home runs in the Negro Leagues before he was able to play in the MLB.
Thats why Barry Bonds is not the greatest home run hitter ever.


matt said...

cool jack tell us more